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Wisconsin U.S. Senator Ron Johnson is standing with his Washington D.C. colleagues in an unprecedented partisan power play, declaring they would rather leave the nation’s highest court in danger of being gridlocked than carry out their responsibility to consider President Obama’s nominee.

Our country shouldn’t have a deadlocked U.S. Supreme Court until 2017 because of Ron Johnson’s political pandering.

Senator Ron Johnson

The American people ought not be forced to suffer the consequences of justice delayed and denied because of an unprecedented partisan political power play you and your fellow Washington, D.C. Republicans.

President Obama was elected by the American people to a four year term of office, and it is his constitutional responsibility to carry out the duties of the office each and every day of that term.

Nominating justices to fill vacancies on the United States Supreme Court is one of those duties, and he did his job, nominating Judge Garland.

Now it is up to YOU and your colleagues in the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate to meet your responsibilities to consider President Obama’s nominee and show respect for our United States Constitution, the Office of the President and the people of this country.