Gov. Scott Walker and State Legislators

Oppose the Anti-Immigrant Bills AB 450 and SB 533!

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The Wisconsin state legislature is considering racist legislation that could make Wisconsin a hostile environment for immigrants.

AB 450 would lead police and public employees to investigate immigration status and detain undocumented people for deportation. SB 533 seeks to block a program created last year to provide local identification cards to Milwaukee residents who cannot obtain Wisconsin state ID because of immigration status or lack of documents or money.

These bills are part of a broader effort to make Wisconsin hostile to immigrants. Wisconsin’s economy depends on immigrants, and immigrant communities enrich our state’s culture.

Take a moment right now to urge Governor Walker and your lawmakers to oppose these bills.

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Gov. Scott Walker and State Legislators

In 2011 Wisconsin’s Arizona copycat bill rightly was prevented from moving forward.

In 2016, some Wisconsin state legislators are advancing similar racist, anti-immigrant legislation that will make Wisconsin more hostile to the immigrant families who make such important contributions make to the cultural and economic life of our rural and urban communities.

AB 450 would lead police and public employees to investigate immigration status and detain undocumented people for deportation. SB 533 would block county elected officials throughout Wisconsin from issuing photo IDs for vulnerable residents in their communities who cannot access state ID because of immigration status or lack of required documents or money.

AB 450 is modeled after Arizona's SB 1070 “show me your papers” law that ignited a national boycott of Arizona and was ultimately declared unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court. Wisconsin lawmakers supporting this Trump-inspired bill threaten to tar Wisconsin’s reputation and make us known internationally for racism, economic harm in local and state communities, and fear of law enforcement, as happened in Arizona. This bill will spread fear in immigrant communities and make undocumented people more afraid to report crimes, making everyone less safe.

In the Senate, SB 533 attacks undocumented immigrants, transgender people, the homeless, formerly incarcerated people, seniors, foster youth, and other marginalized communities that would benefit from local IDs because they are disproportionately unable to obtain state ID. Without government-issued ID, people cannot identify themselves to law enforcement when stopped or reporting crimes, cannot cash checks, open bank accounts, enter their children’s schools, take refuge in a homeless shelter, or take recycling to city recycling centers. Thousands of women and children victims of domestic abuse who cannot obtain state ID cannot file papers in court when seeking a restraining order or divorce from an abuser. With a local ID, vulnerable people could do all of these things.

These anti-immigrant, discriminatory bills will restrict local control and undermine public safety while attacking immigrant families who contribute so much to Wisconsin’s economy both on our farms and cities. These anti-immigrant bills are an effort to resuscitate the bankrupt AZ SB1070 laws and should be totally rejected.