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Gov. Scott Walker has reached a new low with his campaign attacks on Trek — a homegrown small business that’s grown into an international company. A business that employs nearly 1,000 Wisconsinites with a $52 million annual payroll, and sells bikes it makes right here all around the world.

Join us and say you stand with Wisconsin and ride with Trek.

Maybe it’s because Gov. Walker’s own Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) has doled out our tax dollars to companies that turned around and shipped jobs to places like China, Mexico and Eastern Europe. Maybe it’s because our research found that Gov. Walker has turned his WEDC into a campaign piggy bank, raising over $1 million from business that got state tax breaks, loans and grants.

Or maybe it’s to cover up his epic failure on jobs that has left us last in the Midwest and trailing most of the nation.

Whatever the reason, Gov. Walker’s attack on Trek is a sleazy tactic from a career politician who’s so desperate he’ll do anything to try to win.

Have you had enough?

Join us today and say you stand with Wisconsin and ride with Trek.

Gov. Scott Walker

I ride with Trek.