Gov. Scott Walker

Is Gov. Scott Walker Still Doing It?

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Court documents from the John Doe investigation of Gov. Scott Walker revealed he was at the center of what was described by prosecutors as a national “criminal scheme” to evade campaign laws.

Now Gov. Walker owes the people of Wisconsin an answer to the question: are you still doing it?

Don't let Gov. Walker get away without answering this one simple question. Take action, right now, and demand an answer.

Gov. Walker and his allies spent the past week desperately trying to deflect attention from the cronyism, corruption and incompetence that pervade his administration. The question Gov. Walker needs to answer now is whether or not he’s still doing it in 2014.

Join us by standing up to Gov. Walker, and ask him one simple question: are you still doing it?

Gov. Scott Walker

Are you still doing it?